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Best chimney services in New Jersey from all complete construction.

Chimney Safety

If you prefer the warm, cozy heat of a wood burning fireplace make sure to get your Chimney inspected and cleaned.
The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety recommends chimneys get inspected at least once a year.
We Clean the buildup of creosote, a black tar-like and wood burning by-product.
This significantly reduces the risk of chimney fires, and helps keep your home safe.
Trust your chimney and home to our experts at All Complete Construction.

Our Chimney Works

We offer High Quality Chimney Maintenance across New Jersey.We look for damage, obstructions, creosote build-up, and soot, and tell you if you need a sweep. If so we wil brush and vacuum on the spot.We can be trusted if you’ve experienced a weather event, like a tornado or hurricane; if you’ve made a major change to your fireplace; or bought a new house.We will crawl space in search of disrepair and visit the roof and attic.We will sweep, if necessary, and inform on what repair is needed.We climb up to the roof to rebuild the walls or all the chimney and all other fixes after a chimney fire.We are bonded, in your neighbourhood, and offer competitive rates to our customers.

Inspect and Insulate

Even if you don’t use a fireplace make sure your Chimney has not turned to a bird nest.
You may need to replace a poorly sealing damper to prevent heat loss.
Installing a Chimney cap prevents objects, rain, and snow from falling into your chimney. The caps have side vents so smoke escapes.
Inspection and insulation will improve efficiency somewhat and decrease the amount of heating dollars you’re sending up the chimney,
and increase your enjoyment of your hearth time by reducing smoke.

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